Find new awareness. Move to action.

Did you think things would “perfectly fall into place at some point” and they still haven’t?
In today’s world a coach can help you get where you are going; faster and easier.
As a congregational and pastor coach, I can help you change your thinking and revitalize your ministry. As a spiritual coach I can help you in all aspects of your life; exercise, nutrition, stress balance, relationships, finances, work, play, life purpose, self esteem and especially your spirituality. Coaching works because the human body, mind and spirit are created to self-repair and self improve. We are created to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is how we thrive in life. Being coached is a process of shifts toward self balance through positive actions, empowered attitudes and excitement for life and more.

Together, we will:
-Seek vision for you, if you want- for your faith family.
-Check the current reality of the community around you.
-Discern what God is blessing for you and your faith family.
-Divine the wisdom of spiritual understanding.
-Develop an action plan for fulfilling the vision God is calling to you.